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Lipstick Studios

An Arts and Culture Podcast

A monthly radio show about what’s fun and fascinating in art, culture, and ideas. Each episode develops its theme through reporting, commentary, interview, and sometimes sound experiments. Monsters, poets, smelly artwork, 3D printers, feminism, plants, and more!

Self Care

Audio Documentary

Accounts and Records partnered with YouthREX to record the reality of frontline youth workers and, in particular, their practises of self-care. The project also doubled as an education initiative: we directed the youth workers in audio equipment basics, and provided guidelines to structure the content they created.


An Audio Play

Honesty is an audio experience developed from raw, touching, perspective-changing interviews with real Honest Ed’s employees. It was originally developed as a performance intervention by Jordan Tannahill. Award-winning actor Virgilia Griffith gives voice to all the employees. Accounts and Records produced this brand new audio version.

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The Slow Now

An Audio Walk

A narrative-driven, lyrical reimagining of a neighbourhood in Toronto. The Slow Now is a thoroughly researched but ultimately fictional audio tour of Little Italy that uses Anne Michael's award-winning novel Fugitive Pieces as its launching point. The walk considers the documented histories of a place, as well as its possible futures; listeners hear about what they’re passing and about what’s not there.

Thirty Something Sunsets

Sound Art Record

Hand-cut monotype records were pressed onto phonograph discs.  We invited poets and writers to record their written responses to the themes of the exhibition --Babylon, labour, art and artefact, collections, time, place, individuality and society-- and interspliced their work into a dreamlike layered audio collage.

Each disc features an animated surface, and a hand-printed sleeve (like the one pictured above) that includes the texts of the contributors and corresponding illustrations.

Lazaro's Dream

An Audio Walk

Taking its inspiration from Michael Ondaatje's, In The Skin Of A Lion, Lazaro's Dream artfully assembles history and fiction into a surreal dreamscape that carries the listener along from the viaduct, through part of the historic Danforth neighbourhood and down to Riverdale park.

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The Scondi Collection

Audio Guides

Audioguides created for a parafictional art exhibition titled, The Scondi Collection. The guides, describe and contextualize the artworks and life of Annabella Scondi and were developed in close collaboration with the artists. In designing the guides, Accounts and Records conducted extensive research into how institutions use audio to support and complicate their programming and applied the industry best practices to our production. The audioguides were available at the exhibition and on an interactive website, accessible via smartphone.

Momus The Podcast

Arts and Culture Podcast

Momus is an international online art publication and podcast that promotes art writing and journalism, and stresses a return to an art criticism that is evaluative, accountable, and brave.

Passing Through

An Audio Walk

Passing Through is an audio walk  that travels from Union Station to St. Lawrence Market exploring the streets, the history and the experience of the city.

When you go out for a walk, you bring with you - who you are, where you belong, and what you do.  The city meets you with its own questions and answers: what it has been, what it will be, and what it is... right... now.

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New Projects in the Works

This year A&R has a bunch of projects coming down the pipeline.  We are currently working on an audio play from the program The Organist out of KCRW.  We are producing a new sculptural audio installation for the Bonavista Biennale Newfoundland this summer. And we are in talks with Project Bookmark Canada and the Koffler Center for the arts regarding two new audio walks due to launch early next year.


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Audio Art Installations

CCC is the contemporary art wing of A&R.  For the past 3 years the members of CCC have been creating complex audio art installations and exhibiting their works nationally and internationally. Projects by CCC include temporal installations, audio environments and sculptural public art works.

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