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From interviews to fictional pieces to hosted radio shows  to sound art and sound collage, we love experimenting with a cross section of audio formats.

A&R produces well researched and compelling journalistic pieces for terrestrial radio and online podcasting networks.

We are a leading developer of audio walks in Canada. Our walks are site responsive works that are rooted in binaural audio. Walks to date have focused on city infrastructure, literary works, and more, and have incorporated historical research, interviews, and original fictions. 

A&R have also created original sound art content for museum shows and radio. We have also worked with artists and institutions  provided audioguides for exhibitions and festivals.   


A&R work as consultants for people and businesses who are interested in working in sound or interested in producing creative content.

it’s a very exciting time to be working in audio! More and more opportunities are now available for careers and projects in sound.  With our extensive experience in a wide range of artistic formats, we are well-positioned to guide you through your creative endeavours.  

If you are interested in reaching out to explore the possibilities for you or your company please get in touch with us through our contact page.



 Whether our projects are journalistic, informational or creative, storytelling is always central to our approach as a company.

Through good stories we can deconstruct complex relationships, impart otherwise dry information and engage an audiences in a way that make them need to hear more.

Sociologist and photographer Lewis Hine is quoted as saying

-"If I could tell the story in words, I wouldn't need to lug around a camera."


A compelling narrative does just that. Through spoken audio, images and environments are created in the head of the listener. Ideas and concerns gain traction in the imagination through the art of a story well told.





A&R also works with professional photographers, graphic designers and video production teams to build out audio projects.

Strong audio is made more digestible, more accessible and more visible when it is accompanied with strong visuals. We work in closely with our clients and our visual team to develop a look for the audio content that is both compelling a tailored to suit the needs of the company or organisation.

Design, when it is done well, is innovative and aesthetically pleasing, but also unobtrusive in its presence. Most of all good design makes a product or a service more understandable and ultimately, more usable.

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